GTA 5 fan film starring Trevor Philips himself is like The Matrix meets Bad Santa

With the promise of virtual reality gaining new momentum, gamers are wondering what it would be like to enter their favorite games. I say be careful what you wish for, lest you end up like the man in this new Corridor Digital film - trapped in a waking nightmare of explosions, existential crises, and Trevor Philips. This is GTA VR:

I admit, I'm not the biggest GTA 5 fan, and I particularly dislike Trevor. But, I can really get behind Steven Ogg's performance here. Sure he says "fuck" a lot - like, a lot - but he's charismatic and energetic and daaaang, boy is in shape. Look at those muscles! Look at that six-pac! Just goes to prove my original point: sometimes reality is better.

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Sam Prell

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