Grown Ups 2 poster revealed

The first poster for Grown Ups 2 has been revealed and you can check it out below. And in other Adam Sandler news, he and Drew Barrymore are set to rekindle their on-screen chemistry when they take the lead in an as-yet untitled romcom for Warner Bros.

Having already teamed-up on The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates , the duo will play a pair of singletons who embark upon a disastrous first date, only to find themselves in the same holiday resort with their respective children from previous relationships.

Sounds like a recipe for awkwardness to us. The film will be directed by Frank Coraci, who has previous form with Sandler and Barrymore, having worked with them on The Wedding Singer , before going on to work with Sandler on The Waterboy and high-concept comedy, Click .

Meanwhile, the new poster has emerged for Sandler’s reunion comedy sequel Grown Ups 2 (via ). Not that we want to put the boot in or anything, but it looks like a poorly photoshopped reject from the first film. You can take a look for yourselves below…

George Wales

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