Gaming's greatest, most absurdly interesting inventories

Half-Life 2

Forgot what your weapons look like? Gordon Freeman's HEV suit has you covered by simply drawing them all out in your UI. Now you'll always remember what a SPAS-12 shotgun looks like when you're not pointing its business end at an alien. This nifty design carried over to most Source games that followed.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Is that a beehive? Does Indy use a whip as a weapon, or a bent clothes hanger? Don't bother asking what those poorly drawn items are supposed to be. Nobody knows.

World of Warcraft

When you first create your first WoW character, your inventory space is woefully tiny. Fast-forward to 89 levels later, and your backpack slots are liable to cover half the screen whenever you check your bags. Never before has extra space felt so glorious.

Metal Gear Solid

Frantically cycling through your inventory while alerted guards sniffed you out was one of the most thrilling parts of Solid Snake's first three-dimensional mission. And something about that right-angle scrolling method was undeniably slick.

Mega Man 2

When you want to check what Mega Man's got in stock, some inexplicable things happen. First off, everyone disappears; sprite limit, or inter-dimensional anomaly? Second, how the freak are you supposed to know which arm-integrated weapon is which with only a single letter of information? Those who read the manual prior, put your hands down.

The Last Express (tablet)

GAH! Whose hands are these creeping all over our stuff?! Ohhhhh--they're our hands.

Inventory full

That can't have been all of the good ones--but for the moment, we're all inventoried out. That's why we leave it to you: Tell us which video game inventories you thought stood out from the crowd, and what it was that made them so special! We're always ready and willing to add more to our inventory of inventories.

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