The 34 greatest, most absurdly interesting doors in gaming


We dont know why, but there arent any features on the internet about all the great doors in gaming. Which is amazing when you consider 1) the internet is really big, and 2) there are lots of great doors in gaming. After a short period of shock and disbelief we decided to rectify this utterly embarrassing internet failure as a matter of urgency. You can thank us later, but for now, please enjoy the internets debut feature on the 34 greatest, most absurdly interesting doors in gaming...


The Legend of Zelda | Boss chamber doors

This door is great because: It leads to the ultimate destination of a dungeon. Behind it lurks some foul beast which--once heroically vanquished using some recently acquired weapon--will produce a delicious piece of heart.

Hotline Miami | Lethal doors

This door is great because: It can be harnessed as a powerful hinged makeshift weapon type thing which can knock out and sometimes even kill people and dogs.

Resident Evil | Spencer Mansion main door

This door is great because: Ill just have a quick peek outside and see if ther... ZOMBIE DOG HEAD ATTACK!!!!

Shadows of the Damned | Baby demon doors

This door is great because: Its fitted with a crying baby demon lock. The door is opened by feeding the crying baby demon a strawberry, which makes the baby demon burp and start giggling. Awww, whos a clever coochy-coo demon door baby lock demon thingy what likes strawberries in his tum-tum.

Metroid | Colour-coded shoot-to-open doors

This door is great because: It eschews conventional science-fiction door design by opting for a shoot-to-open operation, which is particularly convenient for anyone who happens to be equipped with an arm cannon.

Prey | Fleshy orifice doors

This door is great because: Them look like bum holes and lady parts hur-de-hur-hur.

Grand Theft Auto | Car doors

This door is great because: It is the manually-operated portal by which the protagonist can drag a driver, before passing through the portal himself and commandeering the vehicle. Sometimes the owner of the car is unwilling to relinquish the vehicle and will hold on to the door as the protagonist drives away. He wont be able to hold on for long and it will--inevitably--end badly for him. The car door has played an intrinsic yet inconspicuous role in the Grand Theft Auto series recurring theme of dark schadenfreude humour.

Silent Hill 4 | The Dont Go Out!! Door

This door is great because: Sometimes staying in is the safe option.

Luigis Mansion | Trapdoors

This door is great because: It springs open and squashes Luigi flat like lasagne. Its funny! Amirite!?

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