Grand theft console: Pair steals 1,440 PS3s

Two men have been found guilty of the grand theft console heist of £700,000 (like $1.4 million)worth of PlayStation 3s, and remain in custody pending sentence.

Partizan Zejak, 28, and Nard Paloka, 29 robbed the consoles from NYK Logistics in Grange Park, Northampton, making off with 1,440 PS3s.

The consoles have not been found.

The pair, who were former employees of the warehouse, denied the theft of the consoles, despite the fact CCTV captured them driving off with 25 pallets in a 38-tonne HGV lorry.

The two men drove up to the security gates of the warehouse and told the security officer (who has since been sacked) that they were from logistics firm Trilogy, and were collecting the consoles to deliver them to Scunthorpe.

Prosecutor, Stuart Yeung said the two men were not the organisers but acted as "foot soldiers," using their inside knowledge of the warehouse and its security (i.e. they knew the guy on the gate was a bit thick).

Judge Charles Wide QC remanded the pair in custody and warned them they now face prison sentences.

Source:Northampton Chronicle

Courtesy of CVG.

May 22, 2008