Grab Funko Pop! Marvel and Harry Potter Advent Calendars from Zavvi now

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Ever wish you could unwrap a new Funko! Pop figure every day? You actually can, with this year's Marvel and Harry Potter-themed advent calendars, which let you "unwrap" a new surprise character each day as you count down to the holidays. 

Zavvi's Marvel Pop! and Harry Potter Pop! Advent Calendars are currently up for pre-order via Zavvi for £49.99. They'll probably go pretty soon, seeing as there are some major Funko fans out there eager to scoop up anything even remotely Funko adjacent.

The Marvel Pop! Advent Calendar features 24 characters for you to collect, including "Avengers to Guardians" and "villains to anti-heroes." Of course, they aren't full-sized Funko figurines. These are Funko Pop! Mini figures that you can reveal each day of December. You never know which character you're going to get next, and that's the fun of it. 

The Harry Potter version comes packing your favorite "witches, wizards, and magical creatures." You can be sure there'll be at least some variant of folks like Harry, Hermione, and Ron. 

Pre-order Marvel Pop! Advent Calendar for £49.99

Pre-order Marvel Pop! Advent Calendar for £49.99
Assemble the Avengers (and others) once more with this fun countdown to the holidays, featuring your favorite Marvel characters. You get a new hero (or maybe a villain) each day, so hopefully Thanos doesn't snap them all out of existence.

Pre-order Harry Potter Pop! Advent Calendar for £49.99

Pre-order Harry Potter Pop! Advent Calendar for £49.99
Celebrate the countdown to the holidays with a unique Harry Potter Pop! Figure each day with this stellar deal – just don't let Voldemort know you're building up this mini army against him, yeah?

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Brittany Vincent