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Grab a cheap gaming laptop deal with this MSI machine at Walmart right now

MSI GF63 Thin
(Image credit: MSI)

If you've been after a gaming laptop deal that doesn't break the bank, but will run games effectively - as well as eat up working from home and studying tasks - then Walmart may have more than one option for you.

There's a handful of cheap and very cheerful gaming laptop deals on offer, but our pick of the bunch is probably this MSI-made Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650-powered machine that is just $649 right now.

Now, these laptops are at the very entry-level for gaming, but, as a result, they are the most affordable way into portable gaming, too. What laptops at this end of the spectrum offer is a cost-effective way into the world of PC gaming, while configuring affordable builds for most; cutting back here, trimming back fat there, and so on. 

As a result, compromises have to be made, but all that are well-placed and acceptable within the price range we're working in here. The GTX 1650 is no slouch, as it's still from Nvidia's latest non-RTX and non-ray-tracing line, and the 10th gen Intel Core i5 processor is still a banger. 

So you might not find one of the literal best gaming laptops packed to the rafters with RAM, or bursting at the seams with storage, or stuffed with one of the best CPUs for gaming and best graphics cards. What you will find, however, is something scaled back - on all fronts - but that will, most importantly, still offer some great bang for buck value and gaming performance. Getting all that in the form of an MSI GF62 Thin laptop for just $649 is an attractive deal!

While RTX 3070 laptops, RTX 3080 laptops, and RTX 3060 laptops are likely to steal the majority of today's and this year's limelight, there is always room for a quality cheap gaming laptop deal like this one and its current brethren at Walmart.

There are a few other offers, and low prices, for GTX 1650-powered cheap gaming laptops at Walmart now, too:

You'll be wanting some great peripherals to go with your new laptop, so check out the best gaming mouse, the best gaming keyboard, and the best gaming monitor. They'll get you set up in no time.

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