GR+ Live at SDCC 2015: BOOM! Comics packs merit badges and Power Rangers

Power Rangers, Adventure Time and girl scouts at a summer camp full of supernatural events aren't things you'd typically associate with one another, but BOOM! Comics does, and that's part of where the company's success comes from, according to Marketing Manager Mel Caylo. Caylo stopped by the GamesRadar+ Loot Crate booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 to talk about BOOM!'s unique lineup of comics, and how licensed products like Power Rangers and Regular Show can inspire readers to check out BOOM! original properties like Lumberjanes, Mouse Guard and (my personal favorite), Hexed.

Check out the whole interview below to see how BOOM! shows that Marvel and DC aren't the only publishers worth reading, and if you're at SDCC 2015, look for a sneak peek at the exclusives BOOM! is selling at its booth.

Sam Prell

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