Gotham Knights is getting a free 4-player co-op mode

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Gotham Knights is adding a standalone 4-player co-op mode in November, and it'll be part of a free update for everyone who owns the game.

Studio WB Games Montreal surprise-revealed the new online-only mode in a tweet on Friday afternoon, revealing its title - Heroic Assault - in a brief animation. The co-op mode is completely separate from the main campaign, which only supports 2-player co-op for the moment, and it launches on November 29.

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As mentioned before, Heroic Assault is separate from the story campaign. It takes place in its own arena-like map, which contains unique objectives and enemies you'll need to defeat to ascend its 30 different floors. The Gotham Knights FAQ page indicates that there won't be any microtransactions in Heroic Assault, so it sounds like you don't have to worry about it feeling too live-servicey.

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To be completely clear, Heroic Assault is being billed as a standalone experience, but WB Games Montreal confirmed several times that it will only be available to folks who own a copy of Gotham Knights. However, once you make that initial purchase you'll be able to download Heroic Assault as a free update when it becomes available.

Our Gotham Knights hands-on preview found a lot to love in this Batman-less (yes, the Caped Crusader is well and truly dead here) take on Gotham City. "Gotham Knights isn't an Arkham game, then," writes GR's Joe Donnelly. "After my hands-on time, I now agree. But it is an insight into combat-focused action games that unfold in Gotham City in a world post-Arkham. And that for me, and I'm sure for many fans of the DC universe, is no bad thing at all."

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