Google Stadia's E3 reveal event set for June 6, here's what we can expect

The second half of Google Stadia's big reveal is coming ahead of E3 2019, on Thursday, June 6. What's left to announce after Google Stadia debuted back in March? According to the teaser, Google's new streaming service for games will reveal launch info (presumably that means when and where it will launch), how much it will cost, and what games it will have available on Thursday, June 6 at 9 am PDT / noon EDT / 5 pm BST.

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We probably won't get any ooh-and-ahh hardware reveals because Google Stadia doesn't have a console. It's a service, and Google is aiming for it to live on just about any device that can connect to the internet (with a screen that's big enough so you can see what's happening). The optional, wifi-enabled controller has already been announced, and it looks pretty neat in a white plastic minimalist way.

Google has already confirmed that Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Doom Eternal will both be playable on Stadia, but that's a pretty slim lineup on its own. More than 100 studios already have Google Stadia dev kits, so chances are we'll see what a nice little chunk of them are up to. And it's also about time we see the first fruits of Stadia Games and Entertainment, the new internal Google division being headed up by Star Wars Battlefront and Assassin's Creed veteran Jade Raymond.

We'll watch the whole thing (while grumbling about how E3 keeps expanding throughout time like a Star Trek plot device) and bring you all the news as it happens right here. Make sure you study our E3 2019 schedule so you don't miss any of the announcements as they start to stack up!

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