Godfall PS5's box art is clean as heck

(Image credit: Gearbox / Counterplay)

Gearbox and Counterplay Games have revealed the official cover art for Godfall on PS5, and it's beautiful.

Featuring three knights with ornate weapons and armor in front of a massive tornado with a sword at the center, all drenched in loud, dynamic colors, it's definitely one that'll catch your eye when you're trying to decide what to play.

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ICYMI, Sony revealed the PS5 box art for Spider-Man: Miles Morales on Thursday, giving us a clear idea of what physical games on the next-gen console will look like sitting on shelves. Like the PS5 logo itself, the actual cases look almost exactly like their PS4 predecessors. The only difference with the PS5 cases is that they're white at the top with a black PS5 logo, instead of the blue/white contrast on PS4 game cases.

As for what's inside the case, well you can expect some sort of disk. But put that disk in your PS5 and you'll enter a world divided into the realms of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit. Taking on a third-person perspective, you'll slash and loot your way through these different realms and face off against giant armored baddies. You can choose from three main classes and play with up to three other heroes if you choose. 

Counterplay Games CEO Keith Lee describes the PS5 timed-exclusive as a "co-op looter-shooter experience like Borderlands, but instead it's a co-op looter-slasher experience set in a more serious and brand-new fantasy world." Go on...

Godfall was one of the first games revealed for the PS5 - here are all the other upcoming PS5 games we know about. We'll keep you updated on the latest PS5 pre-orders too.

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