Ghostbusters star Paul Rudd was worried he'd crash the iconic Ecto-1 car while filming the upcoming sequel Frozen Empire

Total Film exclusive image: Ghostbusters Frozen Empire
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The Spengler family returns to New York City in the upcoming sequel Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, along with some familiar faces. As well as returning cast members like Paul Rudd and Carrie Coon, the original busters are back again to face the threat of a second ice age closing in on their city.

But the actors aren’t the only ones who are back, as the iconic Ecto-1 makes a reappearance – and as Total Film was shown during a trip to the editing suite, it forms part of an exciting chase scene through the streets of the city.

Paul Rudd, who plays Gary Grooberson, tells Total Film in our new issue out this Friday, which features Road House on the cover, that shooting that moment was "really exciting".

"To be in a Ghostbusters flight suit and driving the Ecto-1 was a real kick," the Marvel star explains. "You know, there aren’t many of those vehicles around. It isn’t like they built them new for this movie. It’s pretty crazy to think, 'This is the Ecto-1 from the original Ghostbusters and I get to drive it.'"

What else goes through the mind of an actor when they’re sitting in the driver’s seat of a classic car with a prominent place in Hollywood history? "You’re thinking, 'Holy shit,'" chuckles Rudd, clearly enjoying the memory. "You’re thinking, 'Wait, I’m actually driving the Ecto-1. This is the coolest thing ever.' But then you’re thinking, 'Don’t crash.' You feel the weight of that thing, both literally and metaphorically, so it’s exciting and interesting."

Rudd wasn't the only one blown away by the experience either, with Coon adding that the process isn't always a relaxing ride. "More than once, we’ve been stuck inside the Ecto-1 when something would fall off or break," she remembers. "I know it’s a very enviable position to be inside that car, but we do get beat up inside it. There are sharp edges. We all get bruises. It’s not comfortable. You know, it’s like driving an old car – but it’s also very surreal. To be honest, I still can’t wrap my head around the idea that I was inside the Ecto-1. Until I see the finished movie with my own eyes, it feels like I’m having an '80s dream."

We've also got some exclusive images from the new movie in the latest issue, featuring everything from the original team to another look at the new big bad Garraka. Check them out below.

Total Film exclusive image: Ghostbusters Frozen Empire

(Image credit: Sony/Total Film)

Total Film exclusive image: Ghostbusters Frozen Empire

(Image credit: Sony/Total Film)

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