Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor are ready to rumble in these exclusive Road House images

Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor in Road House (2024).
(Image credit: Prime Video/Amazon MGM Studios)

In the upcoming Road House – a reimagining of the 1989 favourite starring Patrick Swayze – UFC plays a key part. Jake Gyllenhaal’s lead character, Elwood Dalton, is a mixed martial artist with a background in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. And, making his acting debut in the film is Conor McGregor, the Irish former UFC champ known as much for his trash talk as his skills in the octagon.

It brings a unique flavour to the new Road House, which has a similar western-inspired structure (good guy with a mysterious past rides into town to defend the saloon from nefarious locals) but is an otherwise fresh approach.

Dalton’s dark past sees him earning cash on the underground fight circuit, until he gets an offer from Frankie (Jessica Williams) to take the lead as a bouncer at her Florida Keys roadhouse. Sleazy local businessman Ben Brandt (Billy Magnussen) has designs on the place for his own reasons, and he’ll stop at nothing to force Frankie to sell up. When it becomes clear that Dalton is not going to be moved along so easily, some muscle is called in, which is where McGregor enters the fray as wild card Knox. He’s a powder keg of chaos set to tear straight through his adversaries (and the movie).

Road House is on the cover of the new issue of Total Film magazine (on sale this Friday, March 1), and inside there’s an in-depth feature on the making of the film. Here, and above, you can take a look at some exclusive new stills from the upcoming issue, featuring Gyllenhaal and McGregor ready for action:

Jake Gyllenhaal in Road House (2024).

(Image credit: Prime Video/Amazon MGM Studios)

Conor McGregor in Road House (2024).

(Image credit: Prime Video/Amazon MGM Studios)

Road House premieres on Prime Video on March 21. For exclusive interviews with Gyllenhaal, McGregor and many more, including the team behind the film’s groundbreaking new fighting style, check out the new issue of Total Film when it hits stands on March 1 (landing on a Friday, rather than a Thursday for a change).

Inside you’ll also find in-depth features on Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, 3 Body Problem, Fallout, Love Lies Bleeding and tons more. Check out the covers below:

Total Film's Road House covers

(Image credit: Prime Video/Amazon MGM Studios/Total Film)

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