Sea of Thieves' limited-time sail raised $94,000 for Stand Up To Cancer

Update: Rare has revealed the final amount raised by its Sails of the Union campaign benefiting Stand Up To Cancer, and it turns out pirates aren't so selfish after all.

From September 28 to November 6, the stunning ship sail you see above was available through the Microsoft Store and Steam. Buying it through the Microsoft Store meant 100% of the sale went to the charity, while 75% of Steam sales were donated. Apparently, quite a few big-hearted scallywags went out and bought the sail, as the fundraiser amassed exactly $94,610.25 for the Stand Up To Cancer charity.

Good work, pirates. Now, back to thieving - you're making my eyes water.

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Original story:

Sea of Thieves has just added a gorgeous new star-studded ship sail that's available for purchase with proceeds going to Stand Up To Cancer. Check out the trailer above to see the Sails of Union in all its glory. 

The Sails of Union are certainly pretty - during the daytime they're a soft golden hue with blue-black details and what looks like small holes dotted across them. At night, light streams through those holes, giving the illusion of a night sky teeming with stars. The Sails of Union feature an arrow logo not unlike Stand Up To Cancer's logo. These sails would be a lovely addition to your pirate ship, and well worth the money, as the proceeds will go to a charity well known for funding the newest and most promising cancer treatments. You can get the Sails of Union for £4.99/$5.99 on both Steam and the Microsoft Store.

For every purchase made on the Microsoft Store, 100% of the profits will be donated, while 75% of the Steam purchases will be donated. Purchases made outside the US will benefit Cancer Research UK in support of Stand Up To Cancer, while in the US, proceeds will go directly to Stand Up To Cancer. The Sails of Union will be available from now until November 6, so there's plenty of time to spice up your ship for a good cause. 

It's great to see Sea of Thieves supporting the Stand Up To Cancer crew, and with sails that pretty, how can you say no to a donation?

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