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Get the best gaming TV for less: our top pick is half price right now

Get the best gaming TV for less: our top pick is half price right now
(Image credit: LG)

If you're on the hunt for a cheap deal on a gaming TV, then this LG 55" OLED offer is perfect. Our favourite gaming TV - the LG OLED E8 series - has had its price slashed right down to seriously tempting levels at Walmart. The 55-inch model is down to what we believe is its lowest ever price of $1,496.77, while the 65-inch bad boy - for those who have been saving up for a while - has nearly half of its list price, and is down to $2,199.99.

This model is our favorite and sits atop our best gaming TVs guide - and for good reason. The E8 has slim and sleek build giving it 'floating in mid-air' feel, meaning it'll impact less on the room that it's in, and make it super easy to fix to the wall. The OLED panel is stunning, offering better black levels than any other TV. Powering that panel is the impressive Alpha 9 processor, which enables the TV’s HDR pictures to be even bright and more vivid than previous OLEDs and the HDR10 means that games are vibrant and dynamic (assuming  you have Dynamic Tone Mapping switched on). Additionally, the E8 screens no longer dim the picture when set to HDR game mode, helping the likes of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and its lovely HDR settings to genuinely pop. Add in to this the deep blacks OLEDs are so good at, and this model of TV is indeed one of the best LG TVs for gaming you can get, but also one of the best TVs by any brand for anything let alone gaming.

Generally, we might say that these are prohibitively expensive for their 'usual' prices, but the reduction and resulting price of the 55-inch model in particular gets them into a large-but-wise investment territory. You won't look back once you have one of these in your life, and the value is undeniable.

LG OLED E8PUA | 55-inch | $1,496.77 at Walmart (save $1,500.22)
The excellent, one of the best in field TVs in the 55-inch size is at its lowest ever price right now. Strike while the iron is hot (and cheap)! (It's also available at Amazon.)View Deal

LG OLED E8PUA | 65-inch | $2,199.99 at Walmart (save $1797)
The larger, even more glorious variant is on offer too and still commands a high pricetag, it's still a notable discount and is a great TV deal.View Deal

If you're not fortunate enough to have a wildly large budget, there's more than ever to peruse with the best 4K TVs under $500. And, if you've already snagged a quality gaming TV but have room in your life for more gaming-focused screens, then make sure you check out your options for the best gaming monitors.

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