Get free in-game gear for The Division (& watch movies, but mainly FREE STUFF)

Ubi are offering up four sets of free gear to use in The Division that will include different visual looks and specific skills to use in the game.

These are the sets in question: Paramedic, Firefighter, Police and Hunter (that latter one is slightly worrying for a city under marshall law...)

You'll have to go here to redeem the code 'AGENTORIGINS', although the login doesn't seem to be live quite yet - the page opens for a second and then loads the main site. However, if you're quick enough to stop it then you can at least see what's coming (hence that picture up there).

It's all part of the promotion for the new Agent Origins web series made in conjunction with You Tube film makers Devin Supertramp, RocketJump and Corridor Digital. Here's the first one to get you started:

And, you can also catch up with some new gameplay and details with this week's news show:

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