Here are the Netflix secret codes for the genres they don't tell you about

Netflix is just like any other website on the internet: it takes information and breaks it down into a series of numbers representing various pieces of said information. And if you're crafty enough, you can turn that to your advantage. Here's how it works:

In your browser (and yes, it has to be on PC - no way to manipulate the Netflix app on your phone, tablet, or console just yet), simply type "" and replace "XXXX" with any of the numbers on this extensive list (opens in new tab). Each number represents a genre, and by using these codes, you can get some extremely specific results. Here's a small sample:

12633 - 20th Century Period Pieces for ages 11 to 12
77774 - Absurd Stoner Comedies
77462 - Absurd Stoner Late Night Comedies
42288 - Critically-acclaimed Foreign Supernatural Movies
2005 - Quirky Children & Family Movies from the 1980s

Of course, such listings will only be useful for, I'm gonna guess, about a dozen or so people out there, so here are a few more genres for the less eccentric among us:

1365 - Action & Adventure
- Classic Action & Adventure
43040 - Action Comedies
43048 - Action Thrillers

7424 - Anime
- Anime Sci-Fi
10695 - Anime Horror
11146 - Anime Fantasy

6548 - Comedies
- Romantic Comedies
26 - Mockumentaries
11559 - Stand-up Comedy

8711 - Horror Movies
- Horror Comedy
947 - Monster Movies
8646 - Slasher and Serial Killer Movies

83 - TV Shows
- Classic TV Shows
26146 - Crime TV Shows
10673 - TV Action & Adventure
11714 - TV Dramas
83059 - TV Horror
4366 - TV Mysteries
1372 - TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy
10375 - TV Comedies

Not all genres will work across all regions, and as Netflix continues to evolve it's possible that these numbers may change. However, for now, feel free to change a few numbers and feel like you're accessing the forbidden zone of Netflix like the hacker master you are.

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