Get Back to the Future: Episode I for FREE

With recently announced titles based on The Walking Dead and Fables, and a new Jurassic Park game in the works, Telltale Games is very much on our mind. That’s why we thought it worth pointing out that you can get the first episode of the studio’s Back to the Future adventure for free from the official Telltale Games online store.

Just followthis linkfor your free copy of the game. Those who have been following Telltale closely may recall that Back to the Future: Episode I was made available for free when using the special coupon codeword “121GIGAWATTS.” It seems that the codeword is now preloaded for those interested in pre-ordering the full seasons of Jurassic Park: The Game and Back to the Future. Just make sure you uncheck those collections from the order form if you don’t want them before checking out.

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