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Get ALL Game of Thrones on Blu-ray for $80 less today, with these box set deals

Get ALL Game of Thrones on Blu-ray for $80 less today, with these box set deals
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It's long passed us now in this year, but Game Of Thrones will be remembered as one of the best TV series ever made. Everyone will have their favorite and least favorite bits, of course, but as eight seasons of drama, backstabbing and skulduggery, ice zombies, sword and sorcery action, dragons and tasteful nudity, Game of Thrones was a hell of a roller coaster. And now these offers at Walmart enable you to get it in all its physical media glory right in time for Christmas: the retailer is selling the super special Collector Edition blu-ray box set for a lowest-ever price of $249.95 and the slightly less epic DVD box set for $169.99. If you like your editions limited, and you collections special, then these are the box sets for you this holiday time.

However, those are large numbers and you'd be justified in raising an eyebrow initially. But interrogate them a bit further and you can see there's decent value here, beyond the generally excellent re-watch value the series naturally has.

The Collector's Edition get's you: all the series on disc; the Game of Thrones: Reunion Special - a two-part, live-audience get together show with loads of the cast; an outrageously excellent wooden shadow box case, featuring a multi-layer panel design that summarize the story in beautiful snapshots; and a Hand of the King pin clasp which can hold all the special disc cases. Nice. The more-straightforward Complete DVD edition still bags you lots of extra content but with none of the really flashy and unique design. Still, great value to be had on both if you're after something special to celebrate the series with, and something that's physical not an intangible digital or streamy copy.

Game of Thrones: The Complete Series Limited Edition Collector's Box Set | Blu-ray | $249.95 at Walmart (save $80)
This would make a great, special present to the Thrones fan in your life. Or just a good one to yourself...from yourself.View Deal

Game of Thrones: The Complete Series | DVD + Digital Copy | $169.99 at Walmart (save $65)
A slightly less exquisite and premium box set, this more regular shaped one will have you well covered to relive one of the best TV series of recent history.View Deal

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