Get a glimpse of Star Trek Discovery's next episode before it airs

Michael Burnham and her colleagues on the USS Discovery finally return from their winter break on Sunday, in a new episode Star Trek: Discovery called Despite Yourself. From the sneak peek that CBS gave us today, we can expect to see more of Klingon prisoner L'Rell and find out what happened to Lieutenant Paul Stamets.

"In the new episode (directed by Star Trek: The Next Generation alum Jonathan Frakes), the USS Discovery crew enters unfamiliar territory and is forced to get creative in their efforts to survive unprecedented forces," says CBS. 

In case you can't remember where we left the gang way back in 2017, the crew were, well, lost.  “Captain, I’m afraid I don’t know where we are,” said First Officer Saru after one of those fancy DASH drive jumps went awry. Could it be an alternate dimension? The show was hinting at its existence pretty heavily before the season break, so don't be surprised if everything is a little different for the crew in 2018.

We can't tell from the shots whether or not this new episode will do anything to confirm or disprove that intriguing Tyler/Voq theory, but it is good to see all our onesie-wearing space friends again. Episode 10 will be available on CBS All Access at 5.30pm PT on Sunday. 

Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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