Germans take aim at Inglorious Bastards

Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards is already drawing fire in Germany, even before a single frame of footage has been shot.

A recent article in newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung has predicted that the film will be more explosive than Brian Singer’s World War II drama Valkyrie, which was barred from filming in certain locations in the country.

"All the German historians and critics who were left gasping for breath by Tom Cruise and his worthy attempts will be so shocked by 'Inglorious Bastards' that they will savage it on the spot,” film editor Tobias Kneibe wrote.

Despite being positive towards the movie, Kneible added: "the collision between Tarantino-style pop culture with the themes of the Holocaust and Jewish revenge (the 'Bastards' of the film are Jewish-American Nazi hunters) is unprecedented in Germany and its results are completely unpredictable."

Germany critics are also likely to be angered by the tax breaks Inglorious Bastards will receive. The country’s film fund grants relief to locally shot movies and Tarantino is set to shoot the film almost entirely in Studio Babelsberg outside Berlin.

"I don't see how it should not be eligible for DFFF money," said Kirsten Niehuus, director of the Berlin-Brandenburg regional film fund. Here we go...

[Source: Reuters ]

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