Gerard Butler wants to Escape From New York

Fresh off the success of 300’s massive box office launch, the movie’s leading man - despite the film itself being sold on the imagery and the Frank Miller name - is seeing his cachet rise in Hollywood.

Gerard Butler is apparently central to a “package deal” for a remake of John Carpenter’s Escape From New York, which also includes Black Hawk Down writer Ken Nolan taking on the iconic action film.

But while the studios are likely scrambling to get their hands on the hottest new action property (that’s Butler, not the script), is it a good idea? Let’s face it, even when Carpenter himself semi-remade New York with Escape From LA the result was less than pleasant. And now the concept - hard nut crim Snake Plissken is blackmailed into rescuing the President from a post-apocalyptic Manhattan, which has become a maximum-security prison - has fallen prey to the studios remake beast.

Plus, Butler hasn’t always made the best choices in his starring roles. Tomb Raider 2, anyone? Still, hopefully he’ll see the light and use his newfound clout to demand a few more original roles.