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Genshin Impact PS5 footage shows off reduced load times and 60FPS gameplay

Genshin Impact
(Image credit: MiHoYo)

New Genshin Impact PS5 footage has debuted today ahead of the official launch later this month.

Just below, you can check out just over seven minutes of Genshin Impact running on the PS5 through developer miHoYo's new port. The footage looks particularly crisp and clear throughout, with upgraded textures and stable 60 frames per second action even in the heat of combat.

"Genshin Impact features massive and changing landscapes. So when you traverse the open-world and domains, faster loading will make your adventure so much smoother," developer miHoYo wrote earlier today on the PlayStation Blog. "With the PlayStation 5’s SSD and our tailor-made file-loading system, teleporting from one place to another now takes just seconds. You can jump right into domains almost instantaneously, ready to explore and fight!"

Elsewhere in the extensive blog post, the developer talks up the new DualSense capabilities for Genshin Impact's new PS5 port. "We’re still redesigning the controller support from scratch to explore its full potential," miHoYo states. "You may notice that the controller vibration feels different from that in the backward-compatible version of the game. We can’t wait to integrate even more of the controller’s features to better reflect your immersive experience in Teyvat."

That certainly sounds like the Genshin Impact developer is planning on expanding on the DualSense's features for their game further down the road. Right now, Genshin Impact's PS5 port boasts haptic feedback, 60FPS gameplay, native 4K resolutions, greatly reduced load times, enhanced textures, and more.

Genshin Impact's native PS5 upgrade launches next week on April 28. Coinciding with the launch of the new version is Genshin Impact update 1.5, a massive update for miHoYo's game which adds in a new world boss, Resin bonuses, new characters like the claymore-wielding Eula, a detailed building sim to create your very own home, and many more smaller in-game events later on. The next few weeks are certainly a busy time for miHoYo's RPG.

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