Genshin Impact Ganyu bug turns the icy archer into a full-auto rocket launcher

Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact's newest 5-star character, Ganyu, is incredibly strong – and with the addition of a newly discovered bug, she's become absolutely unstoppable.

Reddit user CryyoticFate (opens in new tab) shared a video of the bug in action and explained how to trigger it. Simply put, the bug loops the effect of Ganyu's sixth constellation, which allows her to instantly nock and fire a fully charged arrow after using her elemental skill. Ordinarily, this is only good for one shot fired within 30 seconds, but by swapping characters at the exact moment you use her skill, you can apparently unlock infinite instantaneous charged shots. 

Game breaking Ganyu C6 bug. Infinite charge level 2 shots. At the end of the video I meant to say C6 not tier 6 but you understand what I mean. from r/Genshin_Impact

This is the first we've heard of this bug, and given its disastrous balance implications, it will likely be patched very soon. Ganyu can already bulldoze most of the content in Genshin Impact, but this bug allows for true god mode. This honestly feels like a cheat code from an old Grand Theft Auto. Weekly bosses, world bosses, Spiral Abyss stages – nothing stands a chance against full-auto Ganyu. 

The good news is that this bug is seemingly exclusive to Ganyu's sixth constellation, meaning only people who've rolled seven Ganyus can trigger it. It can cost upwards of $1,500 to get all six constellations on a 5-star character, so very few people will actually be able to use this. The better news is that because this bug affects a gacha character, MiHoYo will likely give out 100 Primogems as compensation when it gets fixed. 

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