Genshin Impact cat cosplay kits are adorable and you can get one for about $40

Genshin Impact cat cosplay
(Image credit: LH COS Store)

Genshin Impact fans don't need to rely on the luck of the gacha pull to dress your cat as one of your favorite heroes - even if you're still waiting to get them in the game.

Twitter user M spotted a pair of ready-made Genshin Impact cat cosplay kits which are available right now on AliExpress (opens in new tab), finally offering the satisfaction of dressing your cat as a sought-after gacha pull without needing to go through the significant effort of patterning, cutting, and sewing the cosplay for yourself. You can pick up a two-piece Venti cosplay set, with hat and clothes, for about $40. Or you can opt for the three-piece Klee outfit, composed of a scarf, hat, and other clothes, for about $57 in total.

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Both sets are modeled on the same slightly rotund, smooshy-faced cat that looks like it has been put in a lot of costumes throughout its life, and is now just waiting until it can go back to curling up on the bed. The cosplay kits ship from the LH COS Store in China, and AliExpress estimates orders placed now will arrive in mid-April, so get your order in now if you want to be ready for a summer of cat cosplay.

Meanwhile, if you prefer to keep your Genshin-related expenditures in-game, you can see what GR's Austin Wood got out of spending $60 dollars over the course of 100 days.

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