Gears of War 3 COG Tags and Campaign Collectibles Guide

Collectible #34 – Pamphlet

When you first enter Azura, you will need to make your way to the stairs at the very far side of the area.When you reach the final set of stairs, head all the way to the top and then go all the way over to the far left side to find the pamphlet lying on the ground.

Collectible #35 - Assault Plans

When you reach the Silverback, take it through the beach area and eventually you will come to an open area on the left that leads to a cave. Enter there and on the left side will be a gated door. Use the Silverback to kick down the door and inside you will find the Assault Plans in the far corner.

Collectible #36 – Schematics

When you reach the elevator to go down to shut off the generators, enter the office area that you step out in to and clear it out.Once the enemies are down, go to the desk in the center of the room and press the red button on the left side. When you do, a panel will open on the wall to the right revealing the schematics.

Cog Tag #13

When you head to the other side of the rail tracks, grab the Silverback out of the bay door by pressing the green button. The door is located to the right, across from the ramp that leads to the elevator you need to take. Ride the Silverback to the elevator and make an about face so that when it stops you can see the hallway lined with the number 3. Walk forward a few steps to the open gate on the left and then kick down the boarded door. Once in the room, grab the tag on the floor to the right.

Collectible #37 - Money Stack

When you enter the hotel after the outdoor battle, make a left at the end of the hall and look for the elevator on the far left. There will be a loose tile on the ground that you can smash open to find yourself the next collectible, a wad of bills for all your trouble.

Collectible #38 – Diary

After you use the Siege Beast to destroy the dam, you will be back inside another lobby that looks similar to the one you were previously in, although this time it will have a white statue in the center and there won’t be any hanging corpses. Head up the stairs on the left and make your way to the center area where the statue is. On the far side, there will be a small table with the Diary sitting on top of it.

Cog Tag #14

When you enter the area after getting the Diary collectible (where the white statue was at the top of the stairs), go straight forward through the walkway. Go past the intersection in the middle of the walkway, and you’ll see the Blood Omen on the wall in the left far corner. Across from the painted skull on the walkway, there will be a corpse and right near it will be the cog tag.

Collectible #39 - Memorial Announcement

When the chapter starts, make your way up the stairs and simply head to the far end of the long hallway to find the bust.

Collectible #40 – Announcement

When you hop in the elevator and after the cutscene, you will come out to a hallway that will lead around to the outside. Before going anywhere, press the elevator button again and the other elevator doors will open revealing the poster on the wall.

Collectible #41 - Brochure

When you exit the elevator that Jack eventually fixes, you will come out to the second floor of many. Head over to the stairs leading down on the far side and then once on the first floor, make a bee line to the right. The brochure that you are looking for will be on the ground behind the pillar to the right of the couch.

Collectible #42 - Fenix Research

Once the cut scene in Adam Fenix’s office is over, simply turn around and find the research paper on the chest beside the telescope, across from the doorway.

Cog Tag #15

Once you have Jack slow the elevator, open the door and step out. Make your way to the right, to the corner with stacks of crates. Destroy them and grab the cog tag on the ground that they were hiding.

Sept 20, 2011

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