Gears of War 3 COG Tags and Campaign Collectibles Guide

Collectible #15 - Tomatoes: A Beginners Guide

As soon as the chapter starts, walk forward and you will see a brown metal container while being told about wild Tickers. The container will have a gate on it that you will need to kick open. Once you do, enter it and pick up the magazine on the ground to learn all about delicious tomatoes.

Collectible #16 - Octus Medal Diploma

When you follow the newly open passage to an area with a few metal containers and some appearing Locusts who pop out of the ground, head to the right side of the area to find a burning Raven chopper. In front of the helicopter will be a Fenix name plate as well as the black and silver medal on the ground.

Collectible #17 - Captains Log

Once you use the Siege Beast to destroy the 2 others and the Brumak, you will hop down a ledge and continue on. There will be a small enclave to the right where three Locusts will hop up. Take them out and then look above on the cliff face behind where they appeared to see a crate. Shoot the crate open and the Captains Log will fall out onto the ground for easy pickings.

Cog Tag #6

After the cutscene with Prescott about the data disc, go to the ammo pile on the right near the couple metal containers and follow them to the water. Make a left to get around the container and when you circle around it, you’ll find the Cog Tag on the ground on the other side.

Cog Tag #7

This Cog Tag is a little trickier to nab than the rest have been. To get it, you’ll need to be stealthy and quick on the draw. When you first start the area there will be a grub near a horn. Kill him quickly and then the two others on the high walkway across from you when the Y prompt is given. Head to the right and you will be shown two more Grubs on another high platform. Take them out as well before they have a chance to blow their horn and a door to the right of this area will open. Clear out the enemies that appear and run inside. Tip over the basket just past the pillar and the cog tag will be beneath it.

Collectible #18 - Locust Hammer

When you are making your way from bunker to bunker underground avoiding the explosions from above, you will eventually get to a point where Baird says that the barge is leaving and the explosions will stop. Just before you head up the ramp to exit the bunkers, make a right around the low wall there and you will find the hammer lying on the ground.

Collectible #19 - Queen’s Symbol

Once you have reached the cut scene with the queen, a gate will open to the left allowing more Locusts to enter. Clear them out and head through the gate. When you go through, immediately make a right and there will be an iron gate there to kick down. Once it’s open, go through and collect the necklace on the ground in the small room.

Collectible #20 – Manifest

After the barge lands and Dizzy opens the doors to the weapons stash, head across the area and enter the open street where Theron’s and Reaver’s attack. Make a left down the road and at the very far end will be the parchment sitting on the ground in front of a truck.

Cog Tag #8

When the crew exits the barge to help Dizzy, you will get into a fight with some Reavers and Therons. Make your way out to the street where they appear and head up the stairs on the far side of the street. Make a right at the top of the stairs and continue to the far side to a room. In the room at the far end, the cog tag will be on the ground to the left.

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