Gears of War 3 COG Tags and Campaign Collectibles Guide

Cog Tag #11

Just after the crate of Polyps gets turned over, continue forward and Anya will make reference to a large door. Ignore it for now and continue to the left of the door to a small room with a burning barrel. In the center of the room will be the cog tag.

Collectible #28 – Journal

As soon as the chapter starts, make your way down the hill and go to the right side. There will be a wooden door there that you can kick to open up a small room. On the ground inside will be the journal.

Collectible #29 - Fuel Order

When you arrive at the cable car and have to go through the barbed wire to set it free, head along to the right and continue past the stairs. Make your way around the building, following it as far as you can to the right and you will find the fuel order on the ground in the corner.

Collectible #30 - Old Magazine

Once you climb the ladder to the roof to get to Dizzy, make your way to the far side and then enter the doorway to get inside. Continue forward to the center of the room and take a peek under the couch there to find the magazine hiding underneath.

Collectible #31 – Tabloid

When you arrive at the second dock after crossing the wooden planks, some new enemies called Serapedes will show up along with some snipers. Head to the right side of the area and make your way around the blue metal container at the far end. Behind it, on the ground will be the tabloid.

Collectible #32 – Bulletin

When you take the path to find the rotor for the sub, you will eventually come to a maintenance building. Enter it and take the stairs down to enter a large room with a large boat hull where a Mauler and other Locusts will attack. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, make a left and enter the room there. Continue around the left corner to find the red bulletin on the ground.

Collectible #33 - Contractor Report

Once the fuel and the propeller have been gathered, the crew will need to guard the sub as it makes its way to the water. After the second set of doors opens, head up the stairs on the left side and follow the catwalk to the office at the far end. Inside to the left, on the floor will be the green Contractors Report.

Cog Tag #12

When you choose the path to find the fuel for the submarine you will first come to a room for a large firefight. Once it is over, you will head across towards a door labeled “docks”. Before going through however, make a right and go back towards the metal containers there. Behind the first container will be the cog tag lying on the ground.

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