Gears of War fans optimistic over the series' future as rumour points to attention shifting to Gears 6

Gears of War
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Gears of War fans are thankful the series is getting renewed attention following rumors The Coalition had scrapped multiple projects.

Yesterday on February 2, reporter Jeff Grubb claimed on a podcast that The Coalition had cancelled several smaller projects (thanks, ResetEra). According to Grubb, these more minor games weren't Gears of War-related projects and were cancelled in favour of the studio going all-in on the next game in the shooter series.

Now, Gears of War fans are thankful for this reported decision. Over on the series' dedicated subreddit, a post reporting Grubb's news has generally been met with a positive reception from Gears of War fans, who are apparently eager for The Coalition to put out another game in the franchise.

"While I want TC to have some creative freedom with a new IP, I think most of us agree we'd rather have Gears 6," writes one Reddit user. "Gears 6 would make me a happy human," said another, with both comments receiving dozens of upvotes and responses of agreement from others.

Some, however, are a little sad they'll never see what else The Coalition had in store. There's a sense among some Gears of War fans that the studio dedicated to the Gears franchise deserved to flex its creative muscles a little, and show fans what else it could come up with, given the chance.

Now though, it doesn't seem like that'll be possible for The Coalition, for the time being at least. If the new report is accurate, the next project we should see from The Coalition is the next blockbuster instalment in the Gears of War franchise.

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