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Gears of War 4 collectibles guide – all 50 collectible documents and dog tags locations

Act IV: 1. Get Out

Locust Shell Disposal Form
Current Objective: Return to the ore transporter.

After the walking section at the beginning of the chapter, you’ll drop down two ledges. After the second ledge, notice the yellow metal crate on top of what appears to be cart tracks. From here, make a sharp left and head for another yellow metal crate. There you’ll find the form.

Act IV: 2. No Detours

COG Tag: K. Rush
Current Objective: Get to the dam.

Start from the beginning of the chapter. Move along the only path until you see a large gear on the left side of the road. The COG and the dead soldier associated with it will be slightly past the gear.

Act IV: 3. Knock Knock

COG Orders
Current Objective: Get to the dam entrance. / Open the main gate.

Start by surviving the tough shoot out outside the entrance of Tollen Dam. Then enter the facility on the left. Once inside, make an immediate right and go up the short stack of steps. You’ll find the order at the opposite corner of the room.

Act IV: 4. Powerless

COG Tag: P. Wood
Current Objective: Head back inside.

Advance through the chapter until you literally run through a pair of giant gears. Next, engage in another shootout. Then open the next pair of double-switch double doors. Follow the path until a control room appears on the left. Enter it and go to the other side of the island console. There you’ll find the tag.

Rations Schedule For Abandoned Gears
Current Objective: Find a way to the top of the dam.

Progress through the chapter until you’ve completed the shootout around the giant moving chains. Move forward a bit more until you reach a perpendicular hallway with “13E” printed on the wall. Make a left and look through the back of the boxes for the schedule.

Act IV: 5. Storm Warning

COG Tag: E. Yates
Current Objective: Find a way through the substation.

After toughing it through the chapter’s storm, you’ll enter the substation. Once inside, look for the room on the right. There’s a COG tag near a corpse at the desk.

Current Objective: Find a way through the substation.

After destroying the first coil, follow the path until you reach a pile of sandbags that you can leap over. You’ll find the letter in that small room.

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