Gary Oldman signs for Kung Fu Panda 2

Following the surprising news that Charlie Kaufman will tweak the script, now great Brit Gary Oldman has also signed on for the Kung Fu Panda sequel; The Kaboom Of Doom.

While nobody is quite sure what Kaufman will add to the script, we’ve seen the chameleon-like Oldman enjoy similar fare before; lending his voice to Planet 51 and playing multiple roles in motion-capture A Christmas Carol .

In the film, Oldman will voice a character called Peacock who helps Jack Black’s Po track down some bad guys before turning out to be more than he seems.

So, basically, he’s the main villain then.

The story sees Po come across a group of bandits while searching for other pandas and trying to confront his long, lost past.

Meanwhile, Po and the Furious Five (all to be voiced by their original cast members) also have to stop a mysterious weapon which is so powerful it could destroy kung fu itself.

Someone better tell Neo, quick.

Jennifer Yuh Nelson is directing Kung Fu Panda 2, which will be released next June. Bamboo sticks at the ready.

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