Gareth Evans talks The Raid 2

The Raid 2 began shooting earlier this year, and director Gareth Evans has taken time out to give an update on how the high-kicking sequel is progressing.

"We’re still shooting it right now," says Evans. "We’re about a month and a half away from finishing the production of it. It’s got the same kind of action beats in terms of the style of the action, but our approach this time is to go way more cinematic with it."

"We’re expanding the universe out. We’re taking the story out of that little claustrophobic setting and putting it out into the streets and into the high end gangsters in Jakarta. It’s a lot bigger in scope. So fingers crossed people will kind of come along for the ride again."

Word has it that there will be car chases in this one, explaining why the shoot is proving a lot more lengthy second time out.

“We should be finished with post by the end of this year and then maybe early next year we can have the release,” confirmed Evans. We can hardly wait...

George Wales

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