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Battlefield 2142

The Pod Long Jump

Unlike the real sport of long jumping, players pile into an APC and launch themselves as far as possible using the vehicle's launch pods. While this might be a massive waste of military resources, it's great fun and a clear indicator as to who's the coolest. Bonus points for killing the guy who went before you.

Our first jump sucked - a bit like thinking you can jump for eight miles and demonstrating it by leaping out your front door, only to turn around and see your house still just a few feet away. Once we parked the APC under a Titan to activate the super-jump mode though, our long jumps were far more spectacular.

We think:
The pods in Battlefield 2142 are more than just a way of getting to a Titan, but they're horrible when they don't go far. Actually telling who went furthest can be tricky too, although this can be settled with a knife fight.