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The Sims 2

It's easy to write off The Sims 2 as a soul-destroying virtual soap opera designed to turn the suggestible masses into mindless zombies while shoveling as much cash into EA's pockets as possible - but it's more than just that. How much more? Well let's ask our test subject Sim, Barry Test…

Incredible Maze

Just how clever are these Sims then? We investigated by building a giant maze and placing a toilet in the center of it, before commanding Barry Test to take a piss. Will Barry prove more intelligent than a mouse or a squid?

Without even pausing to consider the best way to tackle the labyrinth, Barry went straight in, marching up and down the corridors of the maze as if he'd done it a thousand times before. A previously unseen level of purpose and tenacious determination filled Barry, and within minutes he'd reached the toilet and pissed in it.

We think:
The Sims 2 contains some excellent pathfinding AI, good enough to help them find toilets in virtually any situation. Larger mazes left Barry unfazed - he simply knew where to go every time. We admit that we were ever so slightly amazed that Sims can solve mazes, but we doubt they can do crosswords and Sudoku.