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Trollympic Run

All willing competitors started a new Troll character, and assembled in the Valley of Trials. They removed their shirts and pants (some requiring excessive peer pressure in order to do so), and once on their marks and set, they bolted for Orgrimmar.

Strangely, people seemed more willing to set up a new character and run for three minutes than they were to simply shout a rude-ish word. Our band of attention-seeking idiots caused one man on a raptor to pause briefly and rub his eyes, before writing us off as a bunch of hopeless noobs. Because everyone had the same running speed, winning the competition was mainly down to people not running into cliffs while yelling: "I can feel the wind on my big troll balls!"

We think:
People are always getting naked and dancing in WoW, but the spectacle's the thing. What's moronic with one is amusing with ten. Imagine the joy of 100 nude trolls. Oh, the tusks.