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Follow-me Conga

Using the "/follow" command, we attempted to create a train around Orgrimmar, using only cheerful train emotes and the phrase: "Come on and join the conga, let's all make it longer."

Starting a conga is nigh-on impossible. People tap movement keys, which not only breaks the follow command, but starts a rival splinter conga. Some people mistakenly follow someone in the middle of the line, which doesn't make the conga longer at all. The Aerie Peak War Pigs valiantly gave us a hand and boosted the total conga line to a rather feeble six. Jubilant shouts from the conga line, such as, "This conga is the best!" and, "This is surprisingly good fun, I'm glad I tried it!" fooled no-one.

We think:
You really need a big guild or a lot of friends to start a decent WoW conga line. Even then, people ruin it by being unwaveringly dumb.