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Rodeo Plane

Use the APC launch pods to land on top of things you shouldn't be landing on top of, like buildings, players or jet planes.

While one of us hovered around in one of the steadier aircraft, another moved an APC into position and launched skywards. After missing the aircraft three times, we finally managed to land on its back. Frantic hammering of the "Go go go" button compelled the pilot to move forward and absent-mindedly knock the rider from his lofty perch.

We think:
With enough effort we really reckon we could stay atop one of the aircraft and ride it around like in Dr. Strangelove, or Frank Drebin on the cover of Naked Gun 2 1/2. The air transport vehicles have a flatter roof and therefore are easier to ride, but riders should always be ready to open their parachutes as any sort of speed will tip them off, just like a man in stilts atop a train.