GamesMaster trailer reveals the show's premiere date alongside first look at Sir Trevor McDonald as the GamesMaster

A new GamesMaster trailer has given us our first look at the titular character, alongside a premiere date for the show. 

The GamesMaster TV series is making its way to E4's YouTube channel on November 21, bringing the classic show to a new audience, and a new GamesMaster to boot in the form of Sir Trevor McDonald, which you can see below. 

Sir Trevor McDonald

(Image credit: E4)

It's a bold reimagining of Sir Patrick Moore's original character, although the CGI monocle that Sir Trevor has been given is a lovely touch... even if we're not convinced he needs his glasses and an extra glass on top of that. Still, who are we to question the GamesMaster?

Elsewhere in the trailer, we get a sense of what to expect from the new series, with plenty of gaming challenges teased quickly. Whether it's grooving in Beat Saber, drifting in Mario Kart, or sprinting through Speedrunners, there's plenty of intrigue over how the show's contestants will get on and which of them will be taking home a coveted Golden Joystick. 

With the November 21 release date set for E4's YouTube channel, with the show then debuting on E4 later in the month, there's not long left until we see the classic series return, and GamesMaster host Frankie Ward has said: "I couldn't be more excited to be part of the GamesMaster team, especially as the one thing I love almost as much as playing games is watching other people play them - and believe me when I say I take the art of celebrating their triumphs and failures very seriously indeed." 

The revival series is set to get 3 episodes, with Rab Florence, Frankie Ward, and Ty Logan as the show's hosts. Be sure to head back to GamesRadar+ for more on the return of GamesMaster.

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