Danganronpa creators return with a strategy RPG set in yet another murderous school, coming early next year

The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy
(Image credit: Nintendo)

The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy is the new strategy-RPG game from the creators of Danganronpa, and it's out next year.

Revealed earlier today at the Nintendo Direct, The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy challenges you to survive 100 days in a school "colored with despair." Yes, Danganronpa's creator is back with yet another school-based game where everyone is rightfully fearing for their lives.

In short, it looks like the outside world surrounding the school has been utterly torn up by demonic monsters, and Takumi Sumino has just made it to the school, which is his and 15 allies' last line of defense (as the game's title says). You then need to strategically hold off waves of foes for - you guessed it - 100 days to presumably make it out alive.

Crucially, it looks like trying your darndest to keep everyone alive is paramount in The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy. It looks like plenty of characters can die off during the events of the game, but it's unclear whether anyone can die at any point in the strategy-RPG, which would significantly up the stakes.

Right now, The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy is slated to launch at some point early next year in 2025 for the Nintendo Switch. If you're wondering what all the fuss is about surrounding the new game, go and pick up the Danganronpa remastered games, and then thank me later.

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