This cozy cowboy-themed life sim looks like Red Dead Redemption meets Stardew Valley, with a debut trailer that features Arthur Morgan himself

Cattle Country screenshot showing a pixel-style farm area with green grass, colorful crops, and scarecrows
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Red Dead Redemption and Stardew Valley, somehow, collide in the upcoming indie farming adventure Cattle Country - and its first trailer features an iconic voice that fans of Rockstar's cowboy series may just recognize.

Developer Castle Pixel just debuted its new life sim, Cattle Country, in a trailer starring Arthur Morgan's voice actor Roger Clark, and it's brilliant. I'm not sure whether I want the upcoming game more after hearing the legend himself tell me to "stick around, partner - and welcome to Cattle Country," or after seeing its cozy gameplay in action. With crafting, farming, fishing, mining, and more, Cattle Country boasts all of the relaxing genre's essentials - and unique rootin' tootin' flair to boot.

Cattle Country - Official Reveal Trailer - YouTube Cattle Country - Official Reveal Trailer - YouTube
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Castle Pixel says its game offers "hours of the slice-of-life you’d expect on the frontier," but "with deep-rooted Wild West Quests delivering stories of romance, cattle drives, bandits, and robberies" as well. Expect cowboy-esque chaos in the form of bull riding rodeos, discovering buried treasure, hunting, and shooting - then spend your downtime in town getting to know the residents. Cattle Country has a whopping 18 romanceable characters to choose from, too, so there's bound to be plenty of dialogue and relationship-building afoot in-game.

For players like myself obsessed with the decorating found in games like Stardew Valley, no need to fret - you can fully customize your comfortable abode as you please, and that extends to your farm, too. Cattle Country's trailer showcases buildings, like barns and windmills, as well as pathing options, including homely cobblestone trails. While there's no release date for the life sim just yet, you can wishlist Cattle Country on Steam - now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go listen to Roger Clark's narration once more.

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