Hideo Kojima teases Tokyo Game Show appearance, and all signs point to Death Stranding 2 as Xbox skips the event and PlayStation returns for the first time since the PS5 reveal 5 years ago

Death Stranding 2: On the Beach
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Tokyo Game Show 2024 has announced the full list of companies showing up to its "largest ever" trade show with both physical booths and online showings. Among the confirmed 731 exhibitors that are setting up a whopping 3,190 booths are Capcom, Konami, and Sony Interactive Entertainment, which hasn't made a TGS appearance for five years.

Sony hasn't physically been present at Tokyo Game Show since 2019, the year the publisher released Death Stranding, meaning it's skipped the show every year for the entirety of the PS5's lifespan so far. That's all about to change when Tokyo Game Show 2024 kicks off on September 26 and runs until September 29. 

An interesting wrinkle to the news is Hideo Kojima's possible presence. The famed director posted a Tokyo Game Show 2024 poster with no accompanying text, potentially hinting that he'll be in attendance in some capacity. Xbox is also skipping the show for the first time in years, so Kojima's still-mysterious horror game OD probably won't rear its head, but a big Death Stranding 2: On The Beach news drop is looking more and more likely. 

Beyond Astro Bot (which comes out before the event) and Lego Horizon Adventures, Sony's announced slate of games is pretty thin. What else could they show off apart from Death Stranding 2? Adding fuel to the fire, the last time Sony was in attendance, the original Death Stranding enjoyed a hefty blowout in the form of a 48-minute-long gameplay demo. 

Details on Death Stranding 2 have been relatively light since its full, proper reveal back in February, where we learned the open-world sequel would come out in 2025 with a weird dummy that the internet immediately fell in love with. Kojima's also returning to his "action espionage" roots with PlayStation, though that project is almost definitely too far out to be mentioned just yet. 

For now, learn what a 64-year-old movie can tell us about Death Stranding 2: On The Beach.

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