Cyberpunk 2077 developer says there are still "many" undiscovered Easter Eggs in Night City - and probably in The Witcher 3, too

CD Projekt Red/Kreiesegger via Reddit
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A Cyberpunk 2077 developer says that there are still "many things to find" in Night City and that players probably haven't found everything hidden in The Witcher 3, either.

In an interview with GamesRadar+ at the Digital Dragons conference in Poland, Phantom Liberty quest designer Maria Mazur says "I feel like there are so many easter eggs" crammed into Cyberpunk 2077, and that she's still "just waiting for people to find them all." 

One of those discoveries came relatively recently when Mazur says she finally noticed that someone had discovered an incidental line in one of the sequences she designed for the expansion: "Someone drove the main character into the ocean. And I actually had this secured just in case - I weaved in a scenario with dialog and stuff. So I was happy to see that someone actually did that."

"I think those moments are kind of precious. When you're trying to anticipate someone's actions, and you're leaving this little surprise for someone, and then finally, years later, you can see that they actually found it."

However precious those moments might be, however, Mazur thinks that there are still a lot of them to find across CD Projekt Red's recent games. Asked if there are still discoveries to be made, Mazur says, "There are many things in Night City," and that she has many of her own references and easter eggs that she's not seen pointed out. Multiply that by the total number of designers that worked on the game, and you get a sense of how many secrets are still out there.

Mazur's design work is limited to Cyberpunk 2077, but she says that there's "probably" still a large number of things left to find in The Witcher 3 as well. That's not her area of expertise, however, as she's working on Project Hadar, CDPR's new IP that she says "only makes sense" as a future project for the company.

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