Manor Lords dev says the city builder's future patches will tackle storage issues, archer damage, and AI running rampant over every territory it can grab

Manor Lords
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The next Manor Lords patch is in the works, and its developer has shared a few highlights for players to look forward to.

Manor Lords may have only launched a few days ago but it's already broken a Steam city-builder and strategy game record by selling 1 million copies just one day after release - beating other beloved games in the genre like Civilization 6 and Cities: Skylines. It's safe to say a lot of people are working on their cities at the moment, so it's good to know that its developer, Slavic Magic, is still hard at work.

On April 27, the official Manor Lords Twitter account teased the upcoming patch, revealing that it will include several fixes and small adjustments. The update is set to "fix all of the weird homeless bugs," tune the archer damage, tune the trade oversupply mechanics, slow down the rate of the AI claiming territories, and improve the sawpit efficiency/storage. We don't have a release date for it just yet, though.

Several fans responded to the tweet by asking patch-related questions. One Twitter user asked if the upcoming patch would "have an impact on already started save games" or if players should start a new game - to which the dev said: "Old/current saves should work fine for this one." This has got to be a relief for those who have already put several hours into the city builder. 

In other news, ahead of Manor Lords' release, its solo developer revealed that they don't like calling the city builder "historically accurate" because "nothing truly is" and it wants to find "a balance between gameplay and realism." The developer also said they got the studio name (Slavic Magic) from a Witcher 3 vs Mass Effect meme.

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