Yes, Stellar Blade's Eve sees you staring at her, just like Nier Automata's 2B and Death Stranding's Sam knew what was happening

Stellar Blade
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Stellar Blade's Eve will stare the player down if they're ogling her for too long.

Surprise: People are down bad for Stellar Blade's protagonist. As players have discovered to their shock, though, it turns out protagonist Eve will have a bit of a staring competition if the player in question gets a little too thirsty and starts ogling the character with the camera.

In the brief clip below, for example, Eve turns and stares directly into the camera that's been left hovering over them for just long enough to be uncomfortable. It sort of feels like the character is staring directly into the player's soul here, which may or may not be what developer Shift Up had intended.

Eve catches you staring at her from r/stellarblade

There's a better look at the feature in the clip just below. One player fancies getting an angle on Eve from below, and the protagonist knows exactly what they're up to, staring them down with the energy of a school teacher demanding to know what the idiot pupil thinks they're doing.

I'll admit, this caught me off guard from r/stellarblade

This continues a pretty funny stunt from Death Stranding, of all things. Back in the 2019 action game, if you focused the camera on Norman Reedus's crotch in his private room, he'd uncomfortably cover his area with his hands. Understandably, he'd then actually punch the camera if you continued hovering.

Somewhat more predictably, Nier Automata had a feature like this two years prior in 2017. As the clip below proves, if you hold the camera in a position where you can see up protagonist 2B's skirt, the android will move away and look back at the player camera in disgust. Again, fair play to her, and a punch in this situation would've been more than justified.

Bizarrely, there was even a PlayStation Trophy attached to this feature in Nier Automata. Called 'What Are You Doing?' the Trophy required you to look up 2B's skirt a grand total of 10 times. Oddly, the Trophy's description required you to discover 2B's "secret" 10 times, which makes the entire thing feel a hell of a lot filthier than any of the other examples here.

Stellar Blade keeps fixing things that bothered me when I reviewed it – now including "input time for basic attacks, as well as the timing of blocking and parrying."

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