Star Wars Outlaws' directors discuss the technical demands of its seamless open world: "There's a reason why very few games do this"

Star Wars Outlaws screenshot showing Key Vess and Nix navigating a large warehouse
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Star Wars Outlaws will be the first ever "seamless" open-world game to be set in the iconic galaxy far, far away, and as developer Massive tells us in our Star Wars Outlaws Big Preview, the ambitious project has been more than worth the hardships.

"If you ask me, it's all in a PowerPoint and magically happens," jokes creative director, Julian Gerighty, of the undoubtedly challenging processes that have been undertaken to shape Star Wars Outlaws into a seamless open-world – one that spans multiple planets, at that. "But if you ask the tech team, it's a big challenge. There's a reason why very few games do this – it's tricky."

Game director Mathias Karlson is able to speak more closely to these technical demands. "You'll see a lot of pride in the team, being able to offer that scale. Not just in scale, but I mean in experience." 

Karlson goes on to describe how this fluid, uninterrupted exploration might feel to move through as a player. You could "literally be sitting, playing Sabacc – you know Star Wars poker – in a cantina in a little town, walk outside, jump on your speeder, drive across a whole world, get in your ship, take off, explore space, hyperdrive to a different one and land again – all seamlessly. It's a fantasy fulfilment we're very proud of," he finishes. 

With no loading screens to break the flow of our intergalactic adventures and all those Red Dead Redemption 2 comparisons floating around, Star Wars Outlaws is sounding more and more like one of the most compelling open-world games of 2024.

Star Wars Outlaws is set to launch on PC and current gen consoles on August 30.

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