Star Wars Outlaws lead thinks the Red Dead Redemption 2 comparisons are "great"

Star Wars
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The creative director of Star Wars Outlaws says they think the game being compared to Red Dead Redemption 2 is "great" as they have a lot of respect for the Rockstar game.

Last week during the Xbox Games Showcase, we were introduced to Star Wars Outlaws, the new game from Ubisoft set in a galaxy far, far away. After we got a better look at the upcoming sequel during Ubisoft Forward 2023, we had the chance to speak to the game's creative director Julian Gerighty and asked them how they felt about the comparisons Star Wars Outlaws is already getting to Red Dead Redemption 2. 

"Rockstar makes the best games in the world, right?" Gerighty says about the comparison, "I'm not here to talk about other games, but if there's a comparison there, that makes me feel great. Because, honestly, the respect that I have for those experiences is colossal." 

You can't blame us for thinking of Star Wars Outlaws as 'Red Dead Redemption set between the stars'. For one thing, the upcoming game also has a reputation system that characters in Outlaws will "live and die by." 

"The reputation system really allows you as a player to craft your own matrix of relationships with the criminal syndicates," Gerighty explains in the same interview, "all of the missions that you complete and the decisions that you make will play into that. It allows you to build different relationships with factions like the Hutts or the Pyke."

In other, much more surprising news, Star Wars Outlaws fans are down bad for the droid with the cool trench coat. The droid in question, whose name is ND-5, has already got fans feeling all sorts of ways which Gerighty also doesn't seem to mind much either. "I loved it. This is the beauty of working on a game with such a passionate fan base [...] you get stuff like that and you're going 'how?....HOW?'."

Want to read more of our interview with Gerighty? - How Star Wars Outlaws will give you the freedom to become the Outer Rim's most infamous scoundrel.

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