Star Wars Outlaws lead is kinda surprised everyone wants to bang the droid

Star Wars Outlaws
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The creative director of Star Wars Outlaws says that the hotness of the game's companion droid "never crossed my mind."

Speaking with Star Wars Outlaws creative director Julian Geirghty after the Ubisoft Forward showcase, GamesRadar+ asked about the development team's thoughts on the internet's amorous reaction to ND-5. I don't really get it myself, but the trench coat-wearing commando droid that works alongside you has certain corners of social media all a-flutter.

When asked about that response, Gerighty said that the idea ND-5 was hot had "never crossed my mind." In spite of that, however, his reaction was very positive; "I loved it. This is the beauty of working on a game with such a passionate fan base [...] you get stuff like that and you're going 'how?....HOW?'.

"We know he's got charisma, right, but in the game he is a very complex character. When the artist was working on him, I guarantee you he wasn't thinking 'how do I make this character hot?' That never crossed their mind."

Hot droid or not, there's plenty to be excited about when it comes to Star Wars Outlaws. If hot robots aren't your thing, then you may be interested in your other companion, a cute dog/axolotl-looking alien called Nix, who just happens to be played by one of Star Wars' most prolific voice actors (and has an excellent mocap puppet). And that's in addition to what fans think might be an iconic hero hiding in plain sight. 2024 can't come soon enough.

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