This 500-page Elden Ring lore book is so pretty it hurts, but not as much as the $1,100 price tag on the fanciest edition

Elden Ring lore book
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If you've ever found yourself confused by Elden Ring's complex lore and wondered what the heck is going on in FromSoftware's open-world action RPG, this gorgeous 500-page book might just be for you, assuming you're willing to pay a very hefty price.

Grace Given: The Mythology of Elden Ring is a brand new creation from Geoff 'SmoughTown' Truscott – the same person who previously created a 35-hour video series attempting to cover all of the action RPG's lore. In the book, SmoughTown will provide a "comprehensive deep dive into the mythology underpinning Miyazaki's latest masterpiece." Even though it's not endorsed by FromSoftware or Bandai Namco, it's very enticing when you consider just how much Truscott knows about this stuff. 

Knowledge within it aside, the thing looks glorious – you'd be forgiven for thinking it was an ancient tome from the outside. It's full of illustrations from artists Shimhaq, MenasLG, Chris Lewis Lee, and Elliott Wells, and even has gold page gilding on the edges, to varying degrees depending on how much you're willing to spend.

Speaking of which, let's address that pricing. To pre-order the cheapest version of the book (slightly confusingly dubbed the 'collector's edition'), it'll set you back $279. For the slightly fancier 'limited edition,' you'll have to part with $773, and for the version to beat all the rest, the 'benefactor's edition,' you must say goodbye to $1,104. 

But what do you get for such a massive jump in price? For a start, the two pricier versions both have gold edge gilding on all three edges of the pages rather than just one, and they also come with a wooden slipcase rather than a flocked velvet one. Additionally, the book itself is "bound in genuine leather, Ivory Flanders Grain" rather than the faux white leather of the cheaper version, although the size and page count is the same. Those who buy either the limited or benefactor's edition will also receive a signed and numbered collectible art print by Shimhaq, and as the final perk for the benefactor's edition, your name will be printed in the back of all editions going forward. 

Of course, whether you consider those more expensive versions worth it is entirely up to you, but all three are available to pre-order now, with the non-collector's versions set to be removed from sale after August 10. Pre-ordering any of the three before then will also give you free shipping and an ebook and audiobook when they're available, and those who buy the collector's edition before then also have a chance of getting upgraded to the limited edition. Between this and the pricey Elden Ring streetwear, it seems like we really are doomed to be stripped of the grace of gold. 

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