The most terrifying bug in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is this one that makes the final boss spawn twice

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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree's final boss can use a Mimic Tear of its own on you, in a very unlucky glitch that has hapless players facing off against two of the enemy.

Be warned: Elden Ring spoilers for Shadow of the Erdtree's final boss follow!

Radahn is giving a lot of players grief at the end of Elden Ring's new DLC expansion, but what you probably didn't know is that it could be so much worse. As prolific Elden Ring streamer MissMikkaa discovered to her shock just below, it turns out Radahn, Consort of Miquella can somehow duplicate himself during the fight, and send two versions of himself to beat the crap out of our Tarnished.

"Wait, what the heck is that? Wait, why is there two?" the streamer cries in some dismay upon seeing the second Radahn casually strolling towards her. To be fair, MissMikkaa got off lucky in this glitch since they had literally just died to Radahn, so it's not like the duplicated version of Radahn could deliver any more pain.

That wasn't the case for the streamer below. hey_itsuni really gets thrown for a loop when, having just staggered Radahn, he sees Radahn's apparent twin brother standing just behind him. There's a great moment where the streamer realizes what's going on and immediately loses all composure, completely throwing the fight against Radahn.


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It's actually a little uncertain whether either of the duplicated Radahns we've seen in these two clips ever attack the Tarnished. MissMikkaa is already dead when Radahn's twin begins menacingly walking towards her, and I can't make out for the life of me whether the cloned Radahn ever actually attacks hey_itsuni in the clip just above.

Either way, as proven by the latter streamer, it's enough to put a serious dent in your confidence. And yes, in case you were wondering, both streamers are using the borderline-broken Bloodfiend's Arm weapon in the clips, and if you want proof of just how busted the DLC weapon can get, look no further than one player defeating Radahn in 11 hits and 50 seconds using the weapon.

Weirdly, it seems like poor old Rahahn is the bearer of a few bad glitches at the moment. Radahn glitched out and killed himself with 32,000 self-damage earlier this week when facing down one player, who argued that they were "robbed of a fight." Against a foe like Miquella's consort, you should probably take all the advantages you can get.

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