Genshin studio thanks players for 50 million Zenless Zone Zero downloads as it hands out free currency and promises to further optimize "each aspect" of the action RPG

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HoYoverse's new free-to-play action RPG Zenless Zone Zero has had a phenomenal start, having surpassed 50 million downloads worldwide since its release less than a week ago. As a 'thank you' to players, the developer is handing out a bunch of in-game currency as it continues to "optimize aspects such as game performance."

To be exact, anyone who reaches Inter-Knot level 1 before version 1.1 is released is eligible to receive 1,600 Polychrome. Polychrome is useful for a whole load of things in Zenless Zone Zero – you can spend 160 of it to buy a single Master Tape or Encrypted Master Tape, which are used on the action RPG's gacha banners if you're looking to unlock new characters. It can also be used to buy more New Eridu City Fund levels (basically, battle pass levels), or refill your Battery Charge (stamina). Needless to say, it's definitely worth redeeming the gift while you can – you can receive it via your in-game mail. 

Thanking players in a statement, the developer says: "Your patience and support have made New Eridu what it is today. Of course, to live up to everyone's expectations and truly become a city of miracles, we are aware that there are still lots of improvements to be made. We encourage all Proxies to provide feedback and suggestions via our official channels."

It continues, noting that feedback "has always been at the forefront of the dev team's priorities," and that the team "will listen to and record the valuable advice provided by each and every Proxy, actively pushing forward the optimization and development of each aspect of the game." Furthermore, it promises that working to provide "a better gaming experience" to all of its players "has always been the vision and goal," and it "will continue to be a long-term focus."

It's still very early days for Zenless Zone Zero, so whether it'll be able to match the long-term popularity of the studio's 2020 hit Genshin Impact remains to be seen. However, 50 million downloads is absolutely enormous, towering above the 30 million pre-registrations for Kuro Games' Wuthering Waves, which was released in May.

If you've just started playing HoYoverse's new action RPG, be sure to check out our roundup of Zenless Zone Zero codes to grab some extra rewards.  

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